Time Travel??

Dulu John Titor pernah menggemparkan dunia maya apabila mengakui dirinya adalah dari masa depan. Kemudian pada tahun 2010 Eloi Cole di tahan di Large Hadron Collider (LHC) juga mengakui dia dari masa depan. Ketika ditangkap dia menyatakan kehadirannya ke situ untuk menghalang projek LHC dari diteruskan kerana ia boleh menghancurkan dunia. Bermacam-macam kisah dan cerita perihal time travel atau manusia dari masa depan yang datang ke dunia sekarang mewarnai internet. Ada bermacam-macam gambar, perbandingan wajah manusia dan koleksi-koleksi video lama di timbulkan untuk membuktikan kewujudan kisah manusia dari masa depan ini. Cerita seperti Stargate umpamanya adalah kesinambungan dari kepercayaan manusia berkenaan hal tersebut. Jika di browse di internet ada bermacam-macam versi kisah time travel ini. Antaranya adalah seperti video di Youtube di web ini—>>>

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a problem.

Apparently, no one is willing to follow proper time travel etiquette. Time travelers are leaving proof of their escapades everywhere!

Well, the best I can do is keep track of these temporal anomalies. What follows are a series of images that many claim are evidence that time travel has already occurred, and that visitors from the future have mingled with cultures throughout history.

Join me as I explore these temporal tears in the fabric of the universe. The fate of the space-time continuum depends on it!

Evidence of time travel in Chinese tomb?

Time Traveler's Watch In Chinese Tomb?

Our first stop on this temporal disaster is China.

In December 2008, Chinese archaeologists allegedly removed the opening of a giant coffin within what was believed to be an undisturbed, 400-year old Si Qing tomb in Shangsi County.

As they removed the soil around the coffin, however, they were shocked and amazed to find this: A small piece of metal shaped like a watch, with the time frozen at 10:06. “Swiss” was engraved on the back.

A Swiss Watch?

If the tomb was truly undisturbed for 400 years, what could explain the existence of this modern artifact?

Only one thing: an absent-minded time traveler!

Virtual Museum Photo: Time traveler caught on camera?

The Time Traveling Hipster

This photo turned up on the Virtual Museum of Canada website, an online repository of “Canada’s rich history and culture.” It’s said to be of the reopening of the South Fork Bridge in the early 1940s in Gold Bridge, B.C., Canada. The event certainly drew a crowd.

But in the photo, someone doesn’t belong.

Evidence of time travel in museum photo?

Who is this strange individual, seemingly out of place — modern attire and all — in what would otherwise be a perfectly ordinary gathering? Is he from the future? Fancy goggles, coat and branded t-shirt. I mean, this is what happens when you let hipsters play with your time machine.

They visit the opening of a bridge.

Woman on Cell Phone in 1928?

The above video contains a short clip taken from a special feature on the DVD version of Charlie Chaplin’s film, The Circus. In it, we see a relatively mundane shot from the film’s premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in 1928. Two individuals walk across the screen behind a zebra.

But that’s not the strange part.

Look closer. What’s that woman holding to her ear?

Time Traveler in Charlie Chaplin Movie?

A cell phone? A pan-dimensional communication device? That’s Time Travel 101, folks: no cell phones!

Woman on Cell Phone in 1938?

Oh, but we can’t stop there.

In this excerpt we see footage of a crowd of people exiting a DuPont factory in Massachusettsas sometime in 1938. Click here to view the original uncut footage.

In the video, one woman is clearly seen holding another cell phone up to her ear.

Time Traveler Outside Factory in 1938?

Listen, time travelers: you can’t take futuristic devices into the past. Because someone will find it, film it, and post it on YouTube. That’s just how it goes.

Andrew D. Basiago’s Trip To Gettysburg?

Andrew Basiago's Evidence of Time Travel

This singular image is courtesy Andrew D. Basiago, who allegedly took part in DARPA’s top secret government operation Project Pegasus back in the 1970s. Well, I suppose “top secret” is a relative term these days.

The photograph is said to have been taken during one of Basiago’s temporal trips, during which he found himself at Gettysburg on the very day of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, November 19, 1863. Basiago claims to be the young boy at center-left.

Says Basiago,

“I am the boy standing in the foreground of the image at center-left, looking to his right. My shoes were lost in the transit through the quantum plenum that took me from the plasma confinement chamber at the time lab in East Hanover, NJ in 1972 to Gettysburg, PA on the day that Abraham Lincoln gave his famous address there in 1863.”

Of course, Basiago has other stories to tell. In fact, he claims President Barack Obama traveled to Mars in the 1980s.

Rudolph Fentz, A Victim of Time?

An example of 1876 attire (John HIllyard Cameron)

Am I supposed to believe that a man named Rudolph Fentz vanished in 1876, only to reappear 74 years later in New York City?


As the legend goes, Rudolph Fentz materialized on a busy New York street in 1950, only to be hit by a passing car, his mysterious temporal voyage ending in an instant.

Police investigations then led one captain on a strange journey of his own — proof that time travel is possible, and sometimes fatal.

While the Rudoplh Fentz story appears in Jack Finney’sAbout Time: 12 Short Stories, it has often been repeated as legitimate evidence of time travel. Many claim, without hesitation, that the Fentz story is based on factual events, and Finney was simply relaying it years later, in fictional form.

I can’t argue with that logic.

John Titor, the Time Traveler From 2036?


John Titor captured the imaginations of forum-goers in a way no other alleged time travelers ever could, mostly by spilling the beans on how his time machine worked, sharing photos and schematics, and answering everybody’s questions. If you want to read more, I have a whole section devoted to his antics.

It’s entertaining stuff, and many consider the information he shared to be some of the most compelling time travel evidence out there. Even if it is ripping a hole in the fabric of space and time.

A Compact Disc Case in the 1800s?

Time Traveler's Box in the early 1800s?

Allegedly, this painting was created sometime in the 1800s, and appears to be of a man holding what looks like a fancy CD box. At least, that’s what they say.

The earliest form of plastic wasn’t invented until the mid-1800s, and (obviously) Compact Discs weren’t in use until the 1980s. Leaving us with a single conclusion: this box is no mere box, but rather the container for some kind of time-bending wormhole device.

HDR: The “Real” Time Machine?

HDR Time Machine

Designed by Steven Gibbs in 1985, the HDR, or Hyper Dimensional Resonator, is said to allow its user to astrally travel through space and time (via naturally-occurring interdimensional vortices).

Some on the Internet claim to have successfully used the device to visit the future. Allegedly, Gibbs was given the designs/inspiration for the HDR by two aliens and/or time travelers named… Paco and Pedro. Sounds legit.

The above image clearly highlights the machine’s “rubbing plate,” “wishing well” (into which you place your crystals), and a handful of knobs and switches. For more on this peculiar invention, head on over to my post The “Real” Time Machine.

A Time Portal Under The Kitchen Sink?

In 2006, a Swedish man named Håkan Nordkvist thought it would be a good idea to climb under his sink and momentarily travel to the year 2042. He even met his older self and took a video of their (his) matching tattoos, seen above. Check out Did This Man Find A Wormhole Under His Kitchen Sink? to read more, if you dare.

Wormhole Under the Kitchen Sink?

At any rate, here’s a quick warning for any potential kitchen-based time travelers out there: if you or someone you know find a wormhole under your sink, do not attempt to crawl into it. The paperwork involved afterwards is ridiculous.

What did you say? The Håkan Nordkvist story was viral marketing for an insurance company? If that’s a veiled criticism of my time travel evidence, I won’t hear it and I won’t respond to it.

Time Traveling Celebrities?

Time Traveling Celebrities: Jay-Z in 1939

Next, here’s a photograph taken in Harlem back in 1939. Nothing out of the ordinary, no, except for rapper Jay-Z just kind of hanging out there. No big deal.

Jay-Z, Nicholas Cage, Keanu Reeves — all celebrities who have no problem riding the timelines without a care in the world. If you want to see more photos of their temporal journeys and reckless disregard for the arrow of time, check out my post Top 5 Celebrity Time Travelers.

Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.

Okay, well. Perhaps the space-time continuum is safe, after all.

Is time travel possible? At the end of the day, it’s all just a bunch of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey…stuff. Best not to take it too seriously. But please, leave your thoughts in the comments below, particularly if you have any other proof of time travel to report.

Also be sure to check out photographer Flora Borsi’s faux time travel photo gallery. Luckily, her photos aren’t real and pose no threat to our worldline. They do look strangely familiar, though. Here she is with Marilyn Monroe:

Marilyn Monroe and Time Travel?

Juga boleh di lihat beberapa gambar di sini—->> http://www.strangerdimensions.com


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