Teknologi Masa Depan

future-of-technology-Memandangkan kita menghampiri penghujung tahun 2013 tidak salah sekiranya kita meninjau apakah berita-berita teknologi yang mungkin bakal berlaku pada tahun-tahun mendatang. Saban hari perkembangan teknologi bagaikan cendawan tumbuh selepas hujan. Ada sahaja perkara baru yang timbul. Dari teknologi sistem telekomunikasi, komputer, pemotoran dan sebagainya bagaikan berlumba-lumba untuk masuk ke muka depan, berita utama seluruh dunia. Hari ini kita digemparkan dengan teknologi smart phone. Tahun depan mungkin akan ada teknologi baru yang lain. Adakah mungkin telefon pintar akan datang akan beroperasi secara maya? Mungkin ianya sebesar ibu jari. Adakah televisyen tidak lagi perlukan skrin yang besar menggunakan panel LED. Mungkin akan datang TV hanya di pancarkan menerusi jam tangan atau Telefon pintar. Saiz besar skrinnya boleh dilaraskan dan boleh melihatnya secara 3D tanpa perlu layar putih?? Hanya masa yang akan menentukannya. Saintis dan pakar-pakar teknologi pembuatan sentiasa menimba ilmu baru. Kita sebagai pengikut hanya menanti detik-detik itu. Untuk melihat apakah teknologi terbaru mari kita lihat video di bawah….

Flexibile, High Definition CAAC-OS Displays From SEL

SEL have developed a range of flexible OLED displays and high PPI LCD panels which use CAAC oxide semiconductors.
Read more: diginfo.tv

RealView 3D – Interactive Live Holography – From Science Fiction to Science Fact

Introducing live medical holography – the world’s first 3D holographic display and interface system, initially for medical imaging applications.
To learn more visit: realviewimaging.com & medgadget.com

Neurocam Wearable Camera Reads Your Brainwaves And Records What Interests You

The “neurocam” is a wearable camera system that detects your emotions. It automatically records moments of interest based on an analysis of the usersbrainwaves.

This is an extraordinary experiment that challenges the way future cameras can evolve and how humans may interact with such devices. The “neurocam” allows humans emotions to become integrated with devices, and we see this as a totally new experience. We believe that in the future, home electronics, facilities, services will seamlessly merge “thought” and “emotions” with the human body as an emotional interface, such as what the “neurocam” sets out to achieve.

Read more: Neurowear.comDigInfo.tv

MeCam – Flying Video Nano Robot

The MeCam is a self video nano copter to point-and-shoot yourself. MeCam videos can be easily shared on social networking websites.

Today people capture and share their photos and videos using archaic methods and with mixed results. The MeCam launches from the palm of a hand and hovers instantly. The MeCam streams video to an Android or iOS phone or tablet and it can be easily shared onto all social media platforms. The MeCam doesn’t need any remote control: the user can control the device with voice commands or uses the follow-me feature.

Atmel XSense Touch Sensors

See how revolutionary new Atmel XSense touch sensors can bring touch functionality to a wider array of consumer and industrial products. OEMs will be able to create larger, lighter, sleeker, curved and edgeless designs.
Source: AtmelCorporation & atmel.com

PERCH – The Future OF Retail

Perch can transform an ordinary display into an extraordinary display. Turning the usual into the not so usual, and delivering an experience that the shopper is not going to forget. And why not? Anything is possible with Perch.

These Robots Will Teach Kids Programming Skills

Play-i is making computer science education accessible and fun for children ages 5+.
Bo & Yana are robots that bring the magic of programming to children everywhere.

Read more: spectrum.ieee.org & play-i.com

Electrolux Design Lab 2013

The name of this appliance 3F stands for Form Follows Function. This is an appropriate name, since the physical body of this vacuum cleaner can change form and expand to suit the task required. The inspiration for this product comes from ballet dancing: while at work it resembles a skirt, floating gracefully over your floor. Whether used in compact or wide mode, it is a vacuum cleaner providing efficiency, smartness and empathy to the user. 3F will not only save you time and space, but will also surround you with cleanliness and fragrant scents of your choice.
Designer: Germain Verbrackel
University: Industrial design, EDNA (Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique), France
Source: electrolux

LUCI – Advanced Lucid Dream Inducer



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